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   Welcome to ExPro Services!

Expro Services is a coalition of industrial cleaning service companies strategically located in three regions of the United States able to service its customers nationwide.  Formed by a group of Industrial Cleaning Specialists, Expro Services stands dedicated to serving the needs of its customers in their rapidly changing industrial environment.


Expro, Inc.


Servicing the Mid Atlantic States


Explosive Professionals Midwest, Inc.


Servicing the Mid West States


Explosive Professionals, Inc.


Servicing the Gulf Coast States


Expro Specialized Services, Inc.


Servicing the Expro Group Nationwide

With more emphasis being placed on the bottom line and the down-sizing of Corporate America, Expro Services established a company promoting alliances with its customers to create a more focused and economical approach to industrial cleaning.

Taking into consideration the increased financial pressures that are being placed on Industrial America, and by being sensitive to our customers' needs, Expro Services prides itself on innovation and quick response to those who share the same values. Our commitment to safety, quality and professionalism is evidenced by the reputation of our personnel throughout the cleaning industry. The integrity of the environment in which we are working will never be jeopardized by lack of knowledge or ability to perform our service.

Expro Services has crews trained in various applications. There are several areas where our services can be applied. Please see our applications section.

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